WikiEducator OCL4ed Course

Books on library shelves with man looking through.

Zaman Babu (Creative Commons Attribution)

Welcome! Although this was a pre-existing blog created during my residency for my Masters Program it was severely under-loved and I will enjoy focusing on it again in part through the OCL4ed Course. If you visit the About Me section on this blog you will notice there is a link to my more frequently-maintained blog, as well as links to other publications.

What did you think of the activity? Was it easy or hard?

SInce a blog frame existed already what I needed to do was change the theme and enable a few widgets

Share links to any additional resources you found useful in completing the tasks.

  • Creative Commons is Useful for finding pictures you may use on your blog.
  • WordPress has valuable information on how to set up your blog and work with widgets.

Provide tips for future learners who will be completing this activity. If you were to set up a new blog again, what would you do differently?

I’m pretty satisfied with my blog as is but I would encourage people to fine the right theme for what they would like to accomplish.


One thought on “WikiEducator OCL4ed Course

  1. Welcome aboard OCL4Ed. As a writer and poet, it will be interesting to hear your thoughts and views on open licensing during the course. Look forward to reading your contributions.

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