The awkward kind of pedagogy

Ok…while I am reflecting on my assumptions about learning this keeps popping into my head and I have to share.

In my undergraduate there was an instructor who taught me project management and HTML. He was always a little  ‘edgy’ but things took a turn for the strange when he wrote, with assistance from a student (and not THIS student, I feel compelled to add), a bizarre paper about….erotic pedagogy. The paper was presented in Prague at the 6th Global conference of “The Erotic: Exploring Critical Issues”  (click to view). The school newspaper and its satirical spin-off had a field day with this article.

I will not extrapolate too much on the topic, because I do have ties to the University still…but some good research questions would be: what would entice a person to write about this, and why is it that no one stopped you?

I’m being a little tongue-in-cheek here as this is not one of the posts I am considering for assessment.



3 thoughts on “The awkward kind of pedagogy

  1. I thought I was a free spirited kinda gal. You know, live and let live.. “Learning and teaching are undeniably erotic” and “teaching young minds” in the same sentence is just plain wrong. I understand the author is on a whole other level pertain what is erotic (maybe in the eros sense, even then… *sigh*)… but when he said “She became more than a student to me—I desired her, yes, …” that is just plain unethical. Grrr.

    I wish I could post a picture of a warning for this post. General Ackbar: It’s a trap!

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