Some thoughts on technology…from the Amish. There’s also a great blog post here on: Kevin Kelly’s blog which provides some examples I found helpful for clarity. I found this blog to be a good reflection on technology and the pressures we feel to include ourselves in the most advanced aspects.

L.M. Sacasas

It would be impossible to find human cultures that were not also tool-using cultures. For as long as there have been human beings there has also been technology. This is undeniable – it is also a rather banal observation too often deployed to dismiss any criticism of technology.

Since humans have always been technological creatures, cyborgs as it is fashionable to say, then we shouldn’t bother with criticism — or so the implicit argument goes. Making this sort of claim is a symptom of what I’ve called the Borg Complex: “Resistance is futile, Luddite.” Used in this way, the Luddite label is handy shorthand for “backward, hypocritical, ignorant reactionary.”

Excepting the Unabomber, however, most critics of technology are not interested in abolishing “technology”; nor are they so unsophisticated that they do not recognize the necessary entanglement of the human and the technological. They are, however, searching for an…

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